Spaceships Countdown: The Lego Galaxy Explorer (1979)

Galaxy explorer 1979

Galaxy Explorer. Lego, 1979.


1979 was a great year for the science fiction fans. We do not had only the Alien movie, but also the more classic lego spaceship of the history, and that was, the 928 (or 497 in the US) Space System model. That set contents 325 pieces and four spacemans, two reds and two whites, and of course two massive plates, the lunar landscape one, and the spaceport. But, outside its soberb design, in classic grey and blue, the pieces were extraordinaries. Combined with other sets you could make a lot of different ships. You had radars, computers, engines, rockets. One of the most incredible features I remember was the compartment with a loading ramp, where the rover could be stored. Even, the cockpit had enough room to two minifigures.

That was so genial for the kids, than today these pieces are an exercise of nostalgia; the great Lego spaceship of history, and the best memory of childhood for many of us.