The morning light in their eyes


Bajarmaland, Viktor Vastnestov.


Another old text.

* * *

Deep in the gray forest, fall the most dark shadows of ancient trees, remains of one past time … The natural journey of the Elves; everyday they walk to the Sanctuary, with their luminous steps. The fear is their only temptation; the black cloud is approaching so quick, than nobody look back. They are a great and brave community, but the swords of the enemy are very longs too … and very much perfidious.

When the night appear over their thin bodys and their beautiful faces, their enchanted dresses paint the path of moonlight. And their ritual song exploit in choruses of ancient wisdom, and all their voices break like the waves against the rocks and the silence. The fear must be defeated, before the final battle for the Lineage of the Gods … Only the pure, will survive.

They sing:

Go! Heroes! Go, for the race and the eternal love of the Emerald Maiden!

* * *

The morning light hurts his eyes, but, he found a cure in her deep caress, the last hour of darkness in the white flow of her body, and her redden skin.

The strong solitude of two is a sweet vacuum and his soul, rest of the daily universe. They see the birds in the sky, they call them, they know their names. The warrior kiss her neck and she cry like a beast in the wood; the flowers sing and the pride bee, twirl and twist against the wind.

A girl of yesterday, an old friend of insects; bodies, in harmonic movements, tongues entwine and desire. Sun of fury and ice that breaking in the eyes.


Hobo With a Shotgun (2011)

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Hobo With a Shotgun (2011).

Hobo With a Shotgun (2011), gore / retro / post / apocalyptic fantasy film, is another of those endearing films in which after generous doses of violence of the most extreme nature, we learn in the most didactic and realistic way possible, the importance of values indispensable to coexist in society, such as justice, sacrifice, friendship, and perhaps love; without which the social pyramid would become a desolate desert of ignorance, depravity and abuses of the strong over the weak.

The story itself, unfolds in the manner of a Nordic saga, set no longer in the woods and the sea, but in the dirty and miserable streets inhabited by homeless people without dignity, drug addicts armed with knives, and girls and hungry children without dreams nor hopes, who sell their body or their pain for a coin, where the only thing that seems abundant is gushing blood for pure pleasure and drugs. A landscape of pathos, which the vagabond, personified by Rutger Hauer (What led this actor to that infernal city? Was he always a hobo or fell under these conditions due to some unforeseen misfortune, the fall of Wall Street, the Second American Civil War, bad friends, drink, gambling, stealing, betrayal, deception, or even a personal rebellion against the consumer society?), decides to take it in their hands and clean it, entering into action as a Patriarch of the early times, whose only law is the rumble of his shotgun, thus giving up his own absurd hopes (to end his days as a gentle gardener in the suburbs). Thus giving also a sense, finally, to his life of failure and humiliation, through sacrifice and through contempt and deep hatred for the subhumans that suddenly surround him. Like Dante, he too will descend to the real hell wells, in the company of his own Beatrice, whom he discovers in the wilted eyes of a girl tired of existence, in an epic journey towards a bloodthirsty and almost supernatural climax.

When everything ends, when the cliché is left behind, it is only up to the viewer to ask if we are to believe in evil, in the same way as in good. And the good may then be, always according to this film, a shotgun ready to pierce a human waste, in the hands of someone who has nothing left to lose: the skin of an old dispossessed, very angry and furious with the world.

5/5 Stars

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Varg Vikernes: Revolt Against the Modern World

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Varg Vikernes. Revolt Against the Modern World, 2017.


I am furious.

The world is falling apart. Everything is wrong. The roof, the walls, the very foundation, everything is rotten to the core. Corrupted, twisted, broken, poisoned, ruined. Not just by a little tiny filthy group of sinister scum, but also by the stupidity and weakness of the masses. One rotten apple spoils the barrel and our barrel is thoroughly rotten. Everything in it is putrid. The whole barrel is garbage. We need to throw that shit into the abyss, get rid of it. I am furious at everything and everyone, even myself.

I am angry of the fucking educational system telling us only fucking lies. I am angry about governments, intentionally doing everything they can to fucking replace us in our own home lands, and kill us, and prisoner us, or process and punish us if we protest. I am furious at this world and I am furious at all those people would think there’s a fucking solution to this. You can just vote for or you know what or everything will be fine … Fuck you … But maybe if we do this or that … Everything is fucking putrid. Everything is rotten, there’s nothing left worth saving even. Get rid of it.

Wotan; id est furor.

So I am furious.

The world is falling apart, but we need to fall apart. We are on a race towards ourselves destruction. So yes, I am furious. Tired, so edgy I could cut through steel … Tired of being attacked all the time. I remove like dozens of shills every single fucking day … Assholes, zero subscribers, zero uploads and zero fucking senses in their heads, spoil out shit.
Because that is what mankind has turned into. What shit. And that makes me furious too.
I am furious. So don’t come here and tell me that we need to find some fucking solution.

You don’t fix something that is worthless. You get rid of and build something new. That’s what we need to do. Fuck your solutions. Fuck your political parties. Fuck your demonstrations. Fuck your actions against the NGOs in the middle Mediterranean. Fuck everything. We need to dismantle this shit. Get the fuck rid of it. Build something new. Build something. If you’re dead and you’ve been waiting for fucking ages don’t you fucking come here and try to revive the corpse or the fucking bones that are left. You need build a new human being. that’s how it works. And if they have cut all your fucking roots and you’re lying there like a rotting trunk; take a seed, plant a new tree, get some new roots. But make sure that seed is from your own fucking tree.

Wotan; id est furor.

Thank you for watching.

Varg Vikernes. Thulean Perspective, May 27, 2017