neanderthal frank frazetta

Neanderthal. Frank Frazetta, 1966.


I dream with the Neanderthal. They live in the caverns and their eyes shine, with green and red. They surrounded us and we wanted to not be there.

* * *

In the art of Frank Frazetta, for the cover of Creepy and the comic The Terror Beyond Time, we see these creatures, that seem not quite real, not quite dream. They come from a red mist, almost flying. We do not see anymore outside the creatures and the mist. Their faces, are the faces of some brutes; but something else are there. Their seem strong and their skin seem pale and tanned and their hair seem blonde. They are menacing, in the same way that a noble creature of the jungle can be. They raise heavy clubs and wear furs.

They seem to come from the past, from our own past; and they do not like what they see. They see the modern world, and run, without vacilation, to destroy it.