T2 Trainspotting: Choose Life

T2 Trainspotting choose life

T2 Trainspotting: Choose Life, 2017.

Varg Vikernes: Revolt Against the Modern World

Varg Vikernes quotes gray

Varg Vikernes. Revolt Against the Modern World, 2017.


I am furious.

The world is falling apart. Everything is wrong. The roof, the walls, the very foundation, everything is rotten to the core. Corrupted, twisted, broken, poisoned, ruined. Not just by a little tiny filthy group of sinister scum, but also by the stupidity and weakness of the masses. One rotten apple spoils the barrel and our barrel is thoroughly rotten. Everything in it is putrid. The whole barrel is garbage. We need to throw that shit into the abyss, get rid of it. I am furious at everything and everyone, even myself.

I am angry of the fucking educational system telling us only fucking lies. I am angry about governments, intentionally doing everything they can to fucking replace us in our own home lands, and kill us, and prisoner us, or process and punish us if we protest. I am furious at this world and I am furious at all those people would think there’s a fucking solution to this. You can just vote for or you know what or everything will be fine … Fuck you … But maybe if we do this or that … Everything is fucking putrid. Everything is rotten, there’s nothing left worth saving even. Get rid of it.

Wotan; id est furor.

So I am furious.

The world is falling apart, but we need to fall apart. We are on a race towards ourselves destruction. So yes, I am furious. Tired, so edgy I could cut through steel … Tired of being attacked all the time. I remove like dozens of shills every single fucking day … Assholes, zero subscribers, zero uploads and zero fucking senses in their heads, spoil out shit.
Because that is what mankind has turned into. What shit. And that makes me furious too.
I am furious. So don’t come here and tell me that we need to find some fucking solution.

You don’t fix something that is worthless. You get rid of and build something new. That’s what we need to do. Fuck your solutions. Fuck your political parties. Fuck your demonstrations. Fuck your actions against the NGOs in the middle Mediterranean. Fuck everything. We need to dismantle this shit. Get the fuck rid of it. Build something new. Build something. If you’re dead and you’ve been waiting for fucking ages don’t you fucking come here and try to revive the corpse or the fucking bones that are left. You need build a new human being. that’s how it works. And if they have cut all your fucking roots and you’re lying there like a rotting trunk; take a seed, plant a new tree, get some new roots. But make sure that seed is from your own fucking tree.

Wotan; id est furor.

Thank you for watching.

Varg Vikernes. Thulean Perspective, May 27, 2017